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Welcome to Potto Grange Organics

We produce high quality North Yorkshire organic meat farmed using traditional non-intensive methods.
Organic Beef -comes from our slow maturing White Galloway herd, ensuring well-marbled, intensely flavoured meat.
Organic Lamb- Scotch Blackface and Rough Fell lambs are weaned late and fed exclusively on meadow grass.
Organic Pork- Our Middle White pigs roam the woods and are fed on a combination of organically grown cereals, vegetables and iron-rich nettles- How wonderful to find a use for our nettles.
We sell our meat from the farm or you can find us at Stockton Farmers Market on the last Thursday of the month and Stokesley Farmers Market on the first Saturday of the month.

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The farm has been fully organic since 2001 and is registered with the soil Association- Reg. No. G4288